Placement instructions

  • 1

Clean with the chamois and if necessary first with the wipe (dilute alcohol solution) ensuring that there is no dirt, speck of dust or lint of clothing.
Turn it over and remove the back white support avoiding dragging the transparent support of the adhesive that is in two parts.
Pick it up, turn it and support it centered on the mobile screen.
You can lift it as many times as it is

  • 2

When the protector is correctly centered pass your hand so that it is supported.
Remove the upper protective sticker to facilitate installation.

  • 3

Lift the protector to a little more than halfway, allowing the protective plastic of the adhesive to separate a little. Placing the spatula about 45 degrees towards you (last image) and slide it by pressing towards the mobile screen avoiding bubbles.
If you see that there is a small bubble left, lift it up to it and press again and slide the spatula.

  • 4

Repeat step three with the other half of the protector.
Go over any small bubbles by passing the spatula from the center outwards. If the bubble persists, lift the protector a little and pass the spatula again.
You can also remove a small bubble by heating the bubble area with the dryer and pressing it with the thin part of the nail.

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