Video shielding mobile high frequency radiation

To carry out the measurements, a SAFE AND SOUND PRO II meter has been used.

There are 3 measurement ranges:

PEAK. peak values.

MAX. Highest value reached during a few measurements. (will be fixed)

AVG. Middle value.

The clearest indicator to see changes in settlement is the PEAK.

In the AVG it is also appreciated, but it has a slower change. The values ​​without protector reach between 10,000 Uw to 12,000 Uw and with the protector, from 700 Uw to 500 Uw. This indicates that the protector reduces high frequency radiation by 95%.

For a correct measurement, it must be carried out in a totally isolated room with a rebound damper and with a high-frequency source focused on the mobile antenna. The radiation we receive from a mobile phone antenna is expansive and non-focal, this causes numerous rebounds to be generated in the room and even in front of the protector that does not reveal what the protector is really capable of shielding. During the measurement we place the protector in front of the meter, if we place it in front of the mobile screen this can increase its emission punctually and it does not allow to clearly see the variation of the values. Measurements made without taking these conditions into account are not correct.

The material we use to shield mobile phone radiation has two scientific studies, one from a prestigious German laboratory, indicating that the material shields 99% of high-frequency radiation.

Measurements made of a mobile when we do not use it

Measurements made of an Iphone 13 Pro max mobile phone.
With a radiation protector placed on the “MOVILPROTECT” screen

What people do not know is that when we do NOT use the mobile, it continues to emit strong high-frequency radiation for its geolocation, searching for Wi-Fi and emitting Bluetooth.
We can see that the radiation emitted by the mobile at a distance of about 15 cm is 15,000 and 17,000 uW/m2 from the back not protected with the anti-radiation protector. And from the front we only receive between 300 and 500 uW/m2.
If we discount the background radiation which was about 200 uW/m2.

During all hours of the day we carry the mobile close to us without using it. If we place the mobile on the side of the screen with the protector towards our body, we reduce the radiation we receive between 98 and 99%.

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