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Other brands and models

Other brands and models


Mobile protector for OTHER BRANDS Made with Hydrogel and a series of layers with microminerals that shield and reduce 95% of the radiation emitted by the mobile device, protecting health as well as protecting your screen from bumps and scratches. A fine reticle enhances the tactile function.

The only protector that offers an anti-radiation shield on the mobile screen.

With Anti-Blu-ray filter


First and only screen protector for mobile with ANTI RADIATION protection.

Now you can protect your health from radiation emitted by mobile devices, in addition to protecting your screen from bumps and scratches.

MOVILPROTECT is a Hydrogel protector composed of a series of layers with microminerals, which shield and reduce radiation from the mobile device by 95% and a fine grid that increases tactile function.

The top layer of high quality Hydrogel, doubly reinforces the protection from bumps and scratches. It is also hydrophobic, oleophobic and highly sensitive to touch.

Self-Repairing from scratches in 24h.

Of all the devices that emit high frequency radiation, the mobile phone is the most harmful because we use it very close to our body.

The power of emission of its radiation can reach several km away. Radiation that our body absorbs during an average of 4 to 5 hours a day of use, between calls, Internet consultations, social networks and games, (in addition to taking it close to us continuously emitting geolocation).

These 4 or 5 hours of radiation are reduced to about 10 minutes if we place a protective shield between the mobile and our body.

We cannot flee from new technologies, but we can protect our health, that of our children and relatives with "MOVILPROTECT".

Delivery in 24-48 hours.
VAT included.


When we carry the mobile with us, place the screen facing the body.

The MOVILPROTECT protector will prevent the constant radiation emitted by the mobile when geo locating from affecting our health.

Do not use the touch screen with the mobile resting on a table or other surface.

The screen protector blocks the radiation and if we also block the back, the high-frequency waves bounce inside the device and can alter the tactile anointing.

Does not affect receiving calls, messages, SMS, etc. And talk hands-free.

To improve the tactile hold it with your hand or keep it somewhat separated from the table or other surface.

The subtle grid of the screen is necessary for the correct touch function.

If you have any problems with the protector, send us an email and we will exchange it for you or refund your payment.



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